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Conference Welcome Letter

A conference welcome letter is written to welcome a person at a conference, organized by a group of people. A Conference is an event where one expects people who are experts in their fields. Organizing such an event is a very tedious task. Conferences are generally organized by business companies to discuss on recent business activities or the current issues of our societies. Such events must be planned very well and necessary things need to be done. The person organizing the event sends a welcome letter to every participant as a form of courtesy.

Here in the sample, a company organizes an international conference on child development and the letter is written to welcome one to take part in this conference.

Sample Conference Welcome Letter


Ben Stiller

Thompson events Management Inc

45 East Avenue

San Jose, California


Mr. Donald Truce

Executive Director

Children’s Clinic Inc

34 Wimbledon Road

San Jose, California

21st Aug’14

Dear Sir,


On behalf of the organizers of the 20th International Conference on Child Development, I would like to welcome you to the above mentioned event. I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve this kind of events. I assure you that we will not allow a single boring moment in the event. We have prepared a menu of oriental dishes that will surely keep you energized during the conference.

Once again, I would like to welcome you to the International Conference on Child Development and if you need any kind of assistance please do not hesitate to call any of our staff. You can recognize our staff by their shirts as it has word staff printed on the back. Our service number is 451-22154870. Thank you and hope to see you around.

Yours faithfully

Ben Stiller

Event’s Organizer

ryst International Limited

Given Below are a few Welcome Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A welcome letter is written to greet a person to join a community.

Church Welcome Letter
A Church welcome letter is generally written to welcome those who are considered as the guests of the church.

New Employee Welcome Letter
New employee welcome letter is a formal letter written to announce the arrival of the employee along with a cordial welcome message.

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