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Inquiry Letter

Business Inquiry Letter

Business Inquiry Letter

The Business Inquiry Letter is written for obtaining information on goods and services of a company. This type of letter can be written by anyone who has any query about certain products. As it is a business letter, [...]

Tips to write an Academic Inquiry Letter

When you write an Academic Inquiry letter, you need to keep some points in mind to make letter compact. Those points are given below. An academic Inquiry letter needs a brief description of your educational qualification. State your [...]

Academy Inquiry Letter

Academy Inquiry Letter

A student writes an Academic Inquiry Letter in order to get some information regarding his/her academic interest. The purpose of this letter is to convey a student’s query on some educational issue. But, this type of letter has [...]

Tips to Write a Job Inquiry Letter

We have provided best tips to make your writing effective and successful job inquiry letter. Follow the standard format of business letter writing. Compose it with a formal font style and in an appropriate font size. Write it [...]

Job Inquiry Letter

Job Inquiry Letter Sample

Job inquiry letter is usually written by an applicant to the department of human resource of a certain company. It serves as a formal letter to inquire about a particular vacant job position suitable for the applicant. It [...]

Tips for Writing a Letter of Inquiry

Letter of inquiry is a formal letter written by the head, chairperson, director, project head or the other authorized person of nonprofit foundations. It formally communicates all the essential information regarding their foundation and current projects. Most of [...]

How to Write a Letter of Inquiry

Letter of inquiry is usually written in order to satisfy the most common questions and queries of the organization related with the funding. It is also send to ask some question with a slight change in content and [...]

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