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Bank Deposit Verification Letter Sample

A bank deposit verification letter is necessary when one applies for a loan or borrows some money from a financial institute. The concerned person is requested to submit a deposit verification letter before processing his credit request. With this letter, one makes sure that the application of the loan is eligible or not that means the concerned person has the sufficient balance to pay the dues timely or not. The letter is nothing but support a credit score for the applicant. The bank certifies the details of the account of the concerned person that include the account number, account opening date, the present account balance, account holder name and the account deposit statement. The letter should be written on the letterhead of the bank. It also contains the signature of the issuing officer.

Example of Bank Deposit Verification Letter

[Bank name]

[Bank address]


Re: bank deposit verification letter for the account of [account holder name]

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that [account holder name] of [account holder address], is maintaining a [account type] with our bank [bank name]. As per our record, the account number of the mentioned account is [account number], which was opened on [account opening date]. The present balance of the account is [present balance] and the average balance of the account is [average balance]. [Account holder name] is the authorized signatory of the account and the deposit details of the account for the time period of [time period of the deposit statement] is [account deposit statement].

I [issuing officer name] certify that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. We trust the above details serve your purpose.


[Issuing officer’s signature with official seal]



[Bank name]

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