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Sample Bank Verification Letter for US Visa

For getting the US visa, one must produce the bank verification letter that assists you in this process. The letter gives you the general information regarding your bank account, with current and average balance so that those who issue visa can understand the financial background of the applicant or through this letter, the visa issuing officer make sure that the applicant can maintain his/her expense in the US or not. The letter plays a very important role; and to make the letter authentic, the letter should be written on the letterhead of the concerned bank. Through, the visa is generally valid for the short time period, is especially made for the visitors. The letter holds the account holder’s name and address and all those essential information, which are necessary to get the U.S visa.

Sample Bank Verification Letter for US Visa

[Bank name]

[Bank address]


[Account holder name]

[Account address]

For the sponsorship of US visa

To [account holder name]

This letter is made in response to your request regarding detailed information of your bank account with our bank [bank name]. As per our records, you have a checking account, which was opened on [account opening date]. As far as the account detail is concerned, your account number is [account number] and your current balance is [current balance amount] and your average amount is [average balance amount for a certain period].

We trust the above information meet with your purpose.


[Bank name]

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