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Appointment Letter Template

Appointment letters can be used for an array of professional purposes. They are usually addressed to state the job appointment of a new person, or for a business committee or company board to confirm an interview or meeting, and more such professional affairs.

Appointment letters are also written and sent out with the intention to reschedule an appointment or to confirm. We have provided a template for an appointment letter that can help you to write such appointment letter.

(Name of the undersigned officer)
(Name of Your Organization)
(Address of the organization)

(Contact detail)


(The new Joined)

(Address of the new Joined)

(Contact detail)

Date: ___/___/___

Subject: ………………………

Dear Ms. /Mr. (The new Joined)

The opening paragraph of the appointment letter should welcome the new joined with a positive gesture into the organization. There should be a note of congratulation for him/her on being appointed to the particular position.

The middle paragraph of the appointment letter should mention all the essential relevant details regarding the employment such as the date of joining for the new joined. It is also required to mention the expectation with the new joined.

Include the details regarding the documentation process that is anticipated to be done on the first day of the employment. Give a list of the credentials or document required for the joining process.

It is better if you include a third paragraph too, here you can make sure that the new joined will need to report on the given date and time that he/she is expected to come to employment.

Also mention that in case of any confusion, the addressee can contact you on the given contact number. Then wish luck to him/her again and conclude the appointment letter.


Yours sincerely,

(Name of the undersigned officer)
(Name of Your Organization)

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