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Acceptance Letter Writing Tips

Acceptance letters are written by an organization or any institution against your offer either for admission or employment. It is a professional way to accept your proposal and by sending it you will accept the position that has been offered to you. It is considered as a rough contract and for this reason the letter should be written in professional manner. Hence, make sure you make no grammatical errors.

The letter should be written in a professional and formal tone. Below are a few tips to help you write acceptance letter along with a sample letter to elaborate those points:

Tips to write Acceptance Letter

  • It is meant to be a preface document to get work started before a formal contract is drafted. Keep all sentences brief and formal.
  • Draft your letter in a certain manner to represent the entire contract between the two parties, if that is the case.
  • Since it is a formal document, it is advisable to write it in a usual business format used to write official documents.
  • The letter will contain your return address, date and the address of the organization on the top.
  • Insert the inside address just before the proper salutation and greeting to the receiver of the letter.
  • Write your acceptance in the next sentence of the first paragraph followed by brief description of the offer.
  • Opening paragraph is the right place to express gratitude to the individual or the organization for the offer.
  • State details like your intention to hire the individual, the position to which you have appointed him/her, duration of the work proposed, the amount to be paid, the structure of the payment, date of the job commencement and so on in the initial paragraph of the letter.
  • Write details and important points like salary, joining date and other potential benefits in the second paragraph. You can mention any kind of clarification related to offer in this paragraph.
  • For acceptance for admission in an educational institution, write down details such as grants and deadlines of acceptance.
  • If you have any particular notations you can include in the second paragraph of the contract letter.
  • Scrutinize the acceptance letter carefully whether the agreement is fair.
  • Conclude your letter with admiration for the offer in a soft tone and keep the last paragraph concise.
  • Gracious note like ‘Sincerely’ is essential.
  • Assess your letter before sending it for grammatical and logical errors.
  • Type your name, your title, current date and your affiliated organization, if applicable, underneath your signature.

Other Acceptance Letter Writing Tips:-

Tips to write College Acceptance Letter
It is advisable that you write in your own style. You can use a modest tone, yet try to be serious.

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