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Tips for Writing a Retirement Letter

Retirement letter is written in order to formally inform the entire organization that you are taking leave forever from work. Though your organization is aware with the fact that you are retiring, you have to send a proper written notice to announce that. It not only declares the date of your retirement but also provides you an opportunity to express your thoughts and emotions at time of retirement.

There are several samples and examples available online. You can study those if you have any confusion about how to write this letter effectively. All retirements have different situation and everybody has unique feeling about this grand change in life so it has to be composed with honesty and with genuine feelings. It is always good to write a personalized note on retirement with your true feelings.

Here we have presented some best writing tips to make your retirement letter effective.

  • Compose it on your official letter as this a formal letter written to communicate within your organization.
  • Keep the tone of your letter polite, sincere and pleasant. You can give a little personal touch as it is an emotional subject of writing.
  • It is your final good bye letter to your organization so write it with a positive and pleasing gesture. Do not include any negative comments or bad experience.
  • The block style or semi block style business letter writing format is appropriate for it.
  • Write your name, title, organization, address and contact detail.
  • Enter the authorized recipient’s name, title, organization and address.
  • Enter the current date on which you send it.
  • Create a meaningful and brief subject line. Include some very obvious and relevant fact to make it short and snappy.
  • Start it with a formal salutation.
  • Start it in a friendly tone. State the purpose of writing the letter in first paragraph and the expected date of your retirement. Mention your tenure in company and express your good feelings about that duration.
  • Appreciate your company for a wonderful working environment and experience. Mention that you have learned a lot and gained valuable experience in working with your current organization.
  • Express your gratitude and respect to the board and management of your organization in the middle paragraph. Enter a note of thankfulness to all your colleagues and everyone in your company.
  • You may discuss some of your happy moments or good experiences while working in the organization. Middle paragraph is the best place to express how you enjoyed your work with your co workers.
  • Write some lines of appreciation to some of your very close colleagues. It will give a personal touch.
  • Mention those names that have helped you during your tenure of service. Take this opportunity to thank your manager, colleagues, and subordinates for their cooperation in achieving your goals.
  • Discuss some of your future plans after retirement to make it a slight personal message. Do not include any informal or very personal planning as this is a formal message of retirement. For instance, you can write that you feel bad for losing your organization but it will provide you enough free time to enjoy your life with your family and friends and that makes you happy.
  • Thank the recipient and wish luck to your organization and wrap up your writing.
  • Put your signature and submit it to Human Resource department.

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