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Evaluation Letter of Teacher before Increment

Evaluation Letter for Teacher Evaluation is an important step when it comes to giving a hike to an employee or before permanent employment of an intern. Evaluation Letter of Teacher before Increment is one such letter that is [...]

No Objection Certificate Letter format for Teacher

No Objection Certificate Letter Format for Teacher

NOC Letter Format for Teacher NOC Letter format for teachers is a confirmation letter that the institution that they are working with or have previously worked with has no objection in letting them continue and recommending them for [...]

Introduction Letter to Parents from Teacher Template

Introduction Letter to Parents from Teacher The purpose of an introduction letter to parents from teacher is a formal way of introducing the teacher to the parents as the new session begins or when a new teacher joins [...]

Emotional Goodbye Letter to Teacher, Mentor Goodbye Letter Sample

Emotional Goodbye Letter to Teacher and Mentor

Emotional Goodbye Letter to Teacher An emotional goodbye letter to teacher is written by students when she is leaving the school. This is like a farewell letter to a teacher which is a way of expressing gratitude for [...]

Application Letter for Fresher Teacher Job, Teacher Cover Letter Template Example

If you wish to apply for the job of teaching and you are a fresher then you must be able to frame it with perfection in order to put forward your strengths strongly. Being a fresher, it is [...]

Example Persuasive Letter to Professor, Principal and Teacher, Persuasive Letter

If you wish to make any suggestions to your professor then the best way to go about it is to write a persuasive letter to principal, professor or teacher. This would help you put across your intention, reason for [...]

Happy New Year Sample Letter to Professor

New Year letters are a beautiful way of connecting with people who are always close to your heart like your professor from college. Sending a hand-written letter to him as New Year wish is a thoughtful way of [...]

Sorry Letter to Teacher

Teachers play an important role in our lives. They introduce us to the world, teach us new things and make us polished individuals. But in the midst of all of that they do, we often end up being [...]

Teacher Resignation Letter

Teacher Resignation Letter

A teacher resignation letter as its name says it is written to inform a school or education authority about the resignation of a concerned teacher. Generally, the letter is written by a teacher who needs resignation for some [...]

Reference Letter for Teacher

Reference Letter for Teacher

A reference letter for teacher, as its name says, is written to make a recommendation for a teacher in a certain educational institution. The person who writes this letter on behalf of the applicant should hold a good [...]

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