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Appointment Letter

Appointment Letter for Marketing Manager

Sample Appointment Letter for Marketing Manager

If you are appointing someone as a marketing manager then you are supposed to be writing an appointment letter for marketing manager. Just like offer letter for marketing executive or appointment letter for sales executive, this kind of [...]

Marketing Executive Appointment Letter Template

If you have finalized a candidate for the profile of sales and marketing executive then you are supposed to be sending him or her an appointment letter that confirms the appointment as well as includes the terms and [...]

Unpaid Internship Offer Letter

Unpaid Internship Offer Letter Template A paid or unpaid internship appointment letter is a formal confirmation of the appointment of the intern for the internship in the company. The Unpaid Job offer letter is a proper appointment letter [...]

Cancel an Appointment to Discuss Career Options Letter

Appointment Cancellation Letter Format Career is one of the most important things for a person and therefore, having discussions around it is of extreme importance. If someone has fixed an appointment for the same with you and you [...]