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Romantic Letter to Husband

Romantic letter to husband is a best way to express all your love and care for your husband. Although, we are living in fast paced high-tech life and we have countless mode of fast communication, a hand carved words on paper can create magic in your married life. This not only make your husband feel top of the world it will rekindle the lamp of romance in your love life.

It provides you an opportunity to pour out your hear without interruption. Write it without hesitation and share all your tender emotions with your husband through this ancient mode of communication.

Sample Romantic Letter to Husband


Ms. Catherine Ken

34/7 Rogers Avenues

Ultimate Streets

Denver 5689


Mr. Kevin Ken

34/7 Rogers Avenues

Ultimate Streets

Denver 5689

Date: 5 July, 2014

My Dear Kevin,

You must be surprised to see this letter. I know this is unexpected as I feel shy in expressing my feelings. But this time I really wanted to shower my love on you. I have tried several times to say what I feel for you but I always failed. We have spent three successful and happy years of marriage. There is nothing left to unfold but still there is something in the core of my heart.

I want to say that I not only love you I really adore you my dear husband. I not going to say that you are the best husband of this world, actually you are the best human being I ever come across. I cannot imagine even a single day of my life without you. You are my sun and moon. You have given new meaning to my life.

I would like to say thank you for each moment of past three years. You have handled my immatureness, my impulsive nature and clumsy behavior. You have treated me with tender love and care irrespective of my behavior. You made my life worthwhile. You are my guiding lamp and ray of hope. Please be with me till the eternity and love me more and more by each passing day. Endless kisses and warmth hugs to you my love.

Forever yours,


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