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How to Write an Internship Letter

Internship letter is an essential part of the application process for internship. It is usually sent along with your resume and work samples. It is addressed to a potential employer or organization. It serves as a formal request [...]

How to Write a Letter of Inquiry

Letter of inquiry is usually written in order to satisfy the most common questions and queries of the organization related with the funding. It is also send to ask some question with a slight change in content and [...]

Tips for Writing a Grievance Letter

Grievance letter is a formal way to notify your organization or employer about something which is unfair or inconvenient for you in work place. Writing a formal grievance letter is the best way to inform your management about [...]

How to Write a Grievance Letter

Grievance letter is usually written by the consumer to formally notify a particular company about the problem he faced by their product. It provides an opportunity to all the customers or clients to inform the sales and marketing [...]

Tips for Writing a Goodbye Letter

Writing a goodbye letter is a formal way to inform that you are leaving forever. There are several situations when you may required to write this, such as to your colleagues on your retirement or leaving for a [...]

How to Write a Goodbye Letter

Goodbye letters are usually written to inform that you are leaving. You may write a goodbye letter to a friend, goodbye letter to coworkers, goodbye letter to your family or it could be a goodbye love letter. It [...]

Fundraising Letter Writing Tips

Fundraising letter are usually written by a non profitable organization, charitable society, NGO or it could be written by an individual with an intention of financial support.  It serves as a formal appeal of donation for some noble [...]

How to Write a Fundraising Letter

Fundraising letter is usually written by the head, chairperson, director, project heads or the other authorized person of the non profitable institutions, charitable society, or some other organizations which are active in serving the mankind. These organizations depend [...]

Friendship Letter Writing Tips

Friendship letter is the best way to acknowledge the gratitude that a person feels toward his friends. It provides a formal podium to express his love, care and concern in a personal manner. A friend is an only [...]

How to Write Friendship Letter

Friendship letters are the best method to express love, care and concern to your friends. It strengthens the cordial bonds of friendship. We are living in a fast paced and high-tech world. We have facilities of emails, video [...]