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How to Write a Proposal Letter

Proposal letter is a formal letter written to propose your offer with authenticity. It could be both personal and professional in nature. This kind of documentation is most practiced in the business world. Written proposals are always considered [...]

How to Write a Promotion Letter

Promotion letter is an official document written in order to announce the promotion of an employee to a higher position within the company. It is most likely issued by the human resource department or the other higher authority [...]

Tips for Writing a Permission Letter

Permission letter is a formal request letter written in order to seek a consent or permission. It is also commonly known as authorization letter as it serves as a legal document issued to authorize a particular person. It [...]

Tips on Writing a Promotion Letter

Promotion letter is a formal letter issued by the organization in order to promote its employee for their outstanding performance. It is usually written by the human resource department or by the head of a specific department within [...]

How to Write a Permission Letter

Permission letter is an official letter written to authorize an individual to perform a particular task. It covers all the specific points related with the permission including the relationship between you and the person you grant permission, reason [...]

Tips for Writing an Order Letter

Order letter is one of the most commonly practiced formal writing in a business environment to ensure certainty and discipline in business deals. It is an official communication between two parties regarding the business. This written document always [...]

How to Write an Order Letter

Order letter is a formal business letter to notify the particulars of a purchase of services or commodities from an organization or individual to another. It covers all the essential instructions required for the delivery of the ordered [...]

Marketing Letter Writing Tips

Effective marketing letter is the best way to win new clients/customers and to generate more business with existing clients/customers. It covers brief information of the sender’s organization with detailed information of its services and products. It serves as [...]

How to Write a Marketing Letter

Marketing letter is usually written to introduce and promote a particular company, product or services. It also serves formal cover letter of your organization. It communicates all essential information regarding the organization and its product or services. An [...]

Tips for Writing a Good Love Letter

Perfect love letter is something written to express true love. It is most likely addressed by a lover to his/her beloved. It is used to make the partner feel special and valued. It could be written to your [...]