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How to Write an Appointment Letter

The purpose of an appointment letter is to inform the aspirant candidate that he/she is selected for a particular job position in an organization. It is a written contract between the employer and the employee as a formal beginning of a professional relationship.

It contains all the information regarding employment. With an appointment letter, employee gets a document that has terms and conditions of the employment as well as all the details about the job designation, date of joining and salary package. All the necessary information about the job that has been offered must be mentioned in the letter such as benefits like leave, insurance, etc.

Appointment letter guide the new employee in understanding assorted aspects and the exact nature of his job responsibility as well as policies of the organization. Here we have presented some useful tips to help you in writing an appointment letter.

Guidelines and Tips on how to write an appointment letter:

  • Write the appointment letter in a clear and easily understandable language.
  • The letter should use professional font and font size that is readable.
  • It has to be direct and concise.
  • Always prepare your letter on letterhead of the organization.
  • Start with the employee’s name and complete address.
  • Include proper salutation for instance “Dear Mr. / Mrs. /Ms.” followed by the name of the selected candidate.
  • Directly address the person to whom the job position has been offered.
  • Start the appointment letter with a warm and welcoming note.
  •  In the first paragraph of the appointment letter summarizes the purpose of writing with the details like designation, date of joining, salary etc.
  • Describe the employee’s job responsibilities, the work hours and the length of probation period and all the relevant details pertaining to the offer as well as benefits in the middle paragraph of the letter.
  • Close it on a positive and complimentary closure.
  • End the letter with “Sincerely” and sign it.
  • Leave space for the employee’s signature and date.
  • Proofread the letter to avoid the grammatical and spelling errors.

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