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How to Write an Announcement Letter

An announcement letter speaks out for a number of proceedings in business and personal situations. In professional affairs, this letter is considered as the most effective and simple tool. It helps individual to share information about various purposes.

Such letters are written for events requiring a declaration, letter to staff, customers, required change in an organization, a new policy, and the commencement of a new product, or financial results for investor.

Also, personal announcement letters are treated as one of the best ways to announce a happy moment, for instance, to announce a wedding or an engagement, a birth and so on. It is written in a simple language to convey the news or information easily. Language should be always direct and concise. The tone used should always be positive. This type of letter starts with the key purpose which is announcement to make it easy for readers to understand. It can be used for both professional and personal purposes.

Read through the few tips to understand how to write such letters with efficiency and professional touch.

Tips for writing an announcement letter:

  • Write a straightforward, short and snappy announcement letter on company’s letter head. In case of official business announcements consider the goals in the beginning.
  • Use a single professional font (preferably Times New Roman) and readable font size, bold can be used to highlight the main points in the letter.
  • Write the name and contact details like address and phone number of the person addressing, followed by name and address of the recipient.
  • Leave some space between the two addresses. Both addresses have to be left aligned.
  • Make sure that the letter contains all the essential information, but not the useless fact that muddies your purpose.
  • If it is personal and the relationship between the sender and the recipient informal then use of first name is allowed.
  • If it is an announcement of bad news (for instance, less than acceptable stock results), be direct and hopeful for the upcoming.
  • If it is a personal announcement regarding good news, language should be soft and create cheerful mood among the recipients.
  • It should be written in a convincing manner with the target audience in mind.
  • Date is a must so that it can be used for advance indication and correspondence.
  • The letter should not have spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Write words like yours sincerely, yours truly, etc. for concluding the letter followed by the full name.
  • Do not forget to sign it before dispatching.

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