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Recommendation Letter

A business recommendation letter is written to make a recommendation of a company’s product and services to an organization. This letter has a great potential to attract the clients for a company as the quality of the product [...]

We have presented the best tips to make your writing effective recommendation letter from employer. Compose it on the official letterhead as this is a highly formal communication. Write it in the formal format of business letter writing. Enter [...]

Recommendation Letter from Employer

Recommendation Letter from Employer

Recommendation letter from employer is an official letter to provide reference to some of the good employee of the organization. It is also commonly known as a reference letter. If an employee plans to leave the organization on [...]

Recommendation Letter Writing Tips

Recommendation letter is a formal document written as a reference for a particular person. It is usually written to support a candidate applying for a job in some organization or an applicant requesting for admission or scholarship. Such [...]

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Recommendation letter is an official document written as a statement of support for a particular person. It is an essential document stating the achievement of professional or can be used to accomplish education goals. Employers and educational bodies [...]

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