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Sample Letter for Signature Verification from Bank

A signature verification letter from the bank is necessary in many fields, especially in the matters regarding business. Besides this, this letter is also necessary in the letter of employment and telephone bill. The signature verification letter from the bank gives the details of the authorized person, including his/her personal details and his/her account information. The letter should be written on the letterhead of the concerned bank and it certifies that the signature of the concerned person is authorized as per the records of the bank. The signature verification letter also contains the signature of the concerned person as well as the signature of the branch manager of the concerned bank. To make the data authenticate, the official seal of the concerned authority of the bank is necessary and it would be great to give the contact no of the branch manager of the bank.

Signature Verification Letter Sample

[Bank name]

[Bank address]

Signature verification letter

To whom it may concern:

The letter is to verify that [name of the authorized person] born on [date of birth] son/daughter of [parent name] is residing at [addressed of the authorized person], having a bank account [account no] with our bank [bank name]. [Name of the authorized person] is the authorized person for any kind of operation of his/her account.

It is hereby certified that the signature of [name of authorized person] appearing below is authorized and it is used for the operation of the mentioned account.

[Signature of the authorized person]                                                         [Signature of the branch manager]

[Name of the authorized person]                                                                       [Name of the branch manager]

[Designation]                                                                                                                           [Designation]

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