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Sample Bank Account Verification Letter for Visitor Visa

A Bank certification letter is necessary for getting the visitor visa for those who are willing to visit a place that needs visitor visa. For this bank certification, one must have an account in the bank. The certification letter from the bank sponsors the applicant for getting the visitor visa. One can request the concerned bank authority to give the bank verification letter so that his/her relatives, parents or in-laws can visit the U.S from India. The letter generally holds the details of the account of the concerned person that include the account number, type of account and the present balance of the account. For the authentication the letter needs the signature of the respective bank authority.

Example of Bank Verification Letter for Visitor Visa

[Bank name]

[Bank address]


For the sponsorship of [name of the applicant for the visitor visa]

To whom it may concern

The letter is to certify that [account holder name] has an account with [bank name]. As per our details, he has a checking account with our bank, which was opened on [opening date of the bank account. The account number is [account number] having the present balance of [the balance of the account]. If you need additional information, kindle contact [name of the account holder].

I [name of bank authority] of [bank name] certify that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Sincerely yours,

[Signature of the bank authority]

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