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Event Sponsorship Letter

Event sponsorship letter is a formal letter to present a sponsorship proposal of a particular event. It is written by a company to another offering their sponsorship for an approaching occasion that is to be organized. It covers all the important information regarding the event and the sponsorship proposal. It illustrates that how it would be beneficial for both parties in terms of monetary profits.

It is written to the potential sponsors to convince them for the sponsorship by giving them some strong logical reasons of profits. Sample Letter for Sponsorship Request for an Event

Sample Event Sponsorship Letter


Mr. Kevin Craft


Ultimate Studios

4/5 Ways Streets

California 4567


Ms. Kathy Ken

Head Creative Department

Marvelous Creative

7 Trading Square

Date: 10 July, 2014

Subject: Event sponsorship

Dear Ms. Ken,

I am writing this on behalf of Ultimate Studios regarding a business proposal of our new event sponsorship. Marvelous Creative is the well know name in business world. You have sponsored many successful grand events.

I would like to inform you that we are going to launch a new promotion campaign of a leading cosmetic company. It is our wish to have you as our sponsor of that promotion campaign for the entire year 2014.

I have enclosed a newsletter and a document of terms and condition of this proposal with this letter. Kindly study the enclosed and let us know the most convenient time to set up a meeting to discuss us it in detail. I am sure that it would be very profitable for both the companies. Hope to hear your positive response soon. Thank you for considering our sponsorship proposal.

Yours faithfully,

Kevin Craft


Ultimate Studios

Given Below are a few Sponsorship Letter Samples for a clearer Idea.

Sponsorship Thank You Letter

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