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There are so many cases when you find that the employees of your company are not following the rules of conduct or company policies or adhering to the company regulations. In such a scenario, you are suppose to [...]

Professional environments do not tolerate misconduct from employees because it reflects directly on customers and is not good for other people working in the same place. Once professional misconduct has been identified, employers are required to send out [...]

Employee Sympathy Letter

Sympathy Letter to Employee

If there is a death in the family of an employee then as an employer you must write condolence letter expressing sorrow on the loss he has suffered. It is important write a few rods of sympathy to [...]

Employee Resignation Letter

Employee Resignation Letter

An employee resignation is written when an employee wants to submit his/her resignation application to the concerned department of a company. Your letter should cover up all the essential things in your letter, of course in a formal [...]

Job Letter from Employer

Job Letter from Employer

A job letter from employee is about offering a job to the applicant who has gone through the recruitment process stipulated by the company. So it is a job offer letter to an employee from a company that [...]

Employee Dismissal Letter format

At some point in the life of every organization, managers will need to fire employees. Dismissal of an employee can be due to a number of reasons. It can be a recession, poor performance of an employee, misbehavior [...]

Employee Farewell Letter

Employee Farewell Letter

This farewell letter is written to an employee whose journey of work has come to an end. There is a popular saying that whatever has a beginning will also have an end. This saying is very much true [...]

employee confirmation letter

Confirmation Letter for Employee

A confirmation letter for an employee is a document handed over to an employee informing him/her that he/she is now a confirmed employee of the organization. This letter indicates that he/she is now a confirmed employee. It works [...]

Goodbye Letter to Employees format

Goodbye Letter to Employees

Goodbye Letter to Employee is written while one is parting from a company. This letter carries an emotional element as it expresses the note of thanks to one’s coworkers for their support and encouragement. Through this, one can [...]

New Employee Welcome Letter

New Employee Welcome Letter

New employee welcome letter is a formal letter written to announce the arrival of the employee along with a cordial welcome message. It covers all the relevant information of the new employee and also if there is any [...]

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