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Sample Letter of Agreement Between two Parties


Mr. Raphael Brooke


Foster F.C

E 48 8T K


Mr. Roger Green

Hampshire F.C

K75 8SR

13 march 2014

Subject: Agreement letter between two parties

Dear Mr. Green

This is in reference to the reply of your proposal that you have sent on 29rd December 2013, in which you have asked for our consent to share the combined facilities for our two teams and collaborate with each other during refurbishment to make our new super stadium.

I am glad to share this good news that I am ready for the agreement of your proposal, even though our teams are old competitors. At the same time as our new super stadium is under construction both teams need facilities to practice.

Taking into consideration the requirements of both the parties, I have enclosed a contract with the proposed code of conduct to be followed by both teams and other ground rules for smother transition.

I request you to sign the proposed documentation and return a copy of the same at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Raphael Brooke

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