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Consent Letter Format of Branch Change from Employee

Consent Letter of Branch Change from Employee
Branch Change Letter Format

Promotion is something for which every employee looks forward for. Sometimes promotion not only brings along hike in salary and change in designation but it also brings along change of branch or location. But due to distance problem, family problem; it becomes difficult for employee to accept the changes. In such a situation, employee request letter for transfer to another branch or internal transfer letter to employee are few such options.

This post includes format for consent letter of branch change from employee. If you had requested transfer letter to employer from one location to another due to some reasons then you can now use the sample for submitting your consent of branch change.


Andrew Gibbs

88, Richmond Street

New York

Date: January 31st, 2022


Simon Smith


Zenith Technologies

New York

Sub: Letter of Consent of Branch Change

Respected Sir,

I was really elated to receive the letter of promotion forwarded by you. It mention about my promotion along with the change of branch office from here to the zonal office in the city.

I had some concerns in the past in context of change of branch. My parents were really old and they used to reside close to my house as it was convenient for me to take care of them on daily basis but now they have shifted with us and this is no longer an issue. Therefore, I am now open for relocating to a different branch as there are no such issues and I will be mentally at peace. I will be more than happy to move to the zonal office as Deputy Office Manager.

I am extremely thankful to the company for choosing me for this post and also considering my family issues. This is a great act of kindness from your side.

I will make sure that I put in the best of my efforts and rise above your expectations with my work and commitments.


Andrew Gibbs

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