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Thank You

Sample Thank You Letter to Landlord for Cooperation

Never miss on a chance of appreciate someone if they have been done anything good to you. If your landlord has been cooperating to you in any way then you must make sure that you write a Thank [...]

Thank You Letter for Delivery on Time

Sample Thank You Letter for Delivery on Time

Thank You Letter for Delivery A timely delivery is worth appreciating and therefor, never miss on writing a thank you letter for delivery on time to the courier company or the person who has sent you this parcel. [...]

Appreciation Letter sample - Thank You Letter for Help at Work

No matter how independent you are, you will always need help and support of people around you. If someone has been kind enough to help you at work then you must write a personal thank you letter to [...]

Appreciation Letter to Employee for Good Performance, job well done Appreciation Letter

Never underrate the words of appreciation as they have the power to motivate a person. All good employees long for appreciation from their company for a job well done. Sending an appreciation letter for good work can infuse [...]

Acknowledgment Letter for Receiving Donation Amount, Sample format

When you have received donation from any source then it is extremely important that you write an acknowledgment letter. It is not just for acknowledging the amount received but it is also a donation thank you letter. It [...]

Employee Thank You Email Message

If as the manager or owner of your company, you feel that some of your employee has done an outstanding job then you must thank him for this performance. A simple thank you note is very effective in [...]

Sample Thank You Letter to a Friend

Not everyone is blessed with a real friend. Therefore, it is very important that you value the friends that you have. It so often happens that we all start taking the sweet gestures and thoughtful actions of our [...]

Sympathy Thank you Letter

Sympathy Thank you Letter

At some point in life, when we suffer greatest loss and are grieving for the one who has left us, having someone around just to be there with us is a sweetest gesture. It is a sweet thought [...]

Scholarship Thank You Letter

If you have been a recipient of some scholarship then it is must that you express your gratitude towards the scholarship donors for such a thoughtful gesture. These people are generous souls who offer financial assistance to children [...]

Thank You for Order Letter

Thank You for Order Letter

A thank you for order letter is written in respect of receiving the purchase order made by another company. Thank you letter is meant for showing your gratitude for choosing your service to fill up certain needs of [...]

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