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Passport Renewal Request Letter Format

Passport Renewal Request Letter If your passport is going to expire soon then you must write a passport renewal request letter to the authorities to have it renewed. This is a kind of document that talks about renewing [...]

Intimation Letter Format for Resignation

Intimation Letter for Resignation Sample Format

If you have to resign from your job then you are supposed to submit a letter intimating the same. The Immediate Letter of Resignation is a formal way of informing the employer that you wish to quit from [...]

Leave Letter Format for Attending Alumni Dinner

Leave Letter Format for Attending Alumni Dinner

A leave application to attend alumni dinner is written as a request to seek leave from work to attend the alumni dinner at school or college. Details of the event are to be mentioned in the letter including [...]

Memo Assigning a New Officer In-Charge

Sample Memo Assigning a New Officer In-Charge

Memo Assigning a New Officer In-Charge There are times wherein companies need to assign a new office-in-charge and that has to be communicated by using a memorandum of office-in-charge. A memorandum example assigning a new office-in-charge can be [...]

best letter format

Authorization Letter Format

Authorization letters are normally formal letters written to grant authority to the recipient for performing a certain task or transaction. It usually serves the purpose of giving permission slips, living wills, medical release forms and legal guardianship. Commonly [...]

Appointment Letter Format

Appointment Letter Format

Employer selects the suitable candidate for the vacant job position and after verbal mutual consent he sends an Offer Letter. This is a formal protocol to make the consent more reliable. Then comes the final step of the [...]

Leave Application Letter sample

Leave Application Letter

If you are planning to take leave for some days due to some personal or professional reason, it is always sensible to report your employer beforehand in order to provide him some time to make arrangements and essential [...]

Property Tax Appeal Letter

Property Tax Appeal Letter

Property Tax Appeal letter is usually addressed to the concerned tax department with the intention of refund of excess amount. All you need is to submit the documents as proof for calculation of refund and a reference number [...]

Appeal Letter for College

Appeal Letter for College

Sometimes when you are not able for frank and open conversation the best way to communicate to parents is through a letter. Furthermore, in most cases it so happens that when you discuss something verbally it fails to [...]

Agreement Letter Format

Letter of agreement is addressed by an organization/ company for different business usage. A few of them include loan agreement, rental agreement, lease agreement etc. These letters carry almost the same format with differences in requirement. They are [...]

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