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Sample Application Letter

Application letters are written for many reasons such as for scholarship, admission, job requisition, business application and so on. It is actually a medium to present your purpose in front of the concern authority.

Such letters should be self explanatory with all the details that require mentioning. Application letters are very important as they not only place your request but also give a brief detail about you and your purpose.

It is the first encounter or correspondence that you will have with an employer or any other concerned authority. Hence, a well-constructed application letter can showcase your professionalism and organizational skills in a better way in front of the concerned officer. They will judge you on the basis of this application as to your worthiness of an interview.

It should look excellent and make sure all the information is clear and communicative. For example, when you are writing a letter of application for a job interview, its main objective is to help the employer decide if you are suitable for the job and if they would like to call you for a face off.

Such letters can be a traumatic experience. You have to know exactly what to include and what would be better to exclude.

Sample Application Letter


Mr. Andrew Bell

6754 Holy church road

New York, DA 75392

Ph. No. 45465789



Mr. Roger Green,

R&R group of industries

37 Yellow Orchard Lane

New York, R D 67548

10 May, 2014

Subject: Application letter for job

Dear Mr. Roger,

I am writing this application regarding the vacant position of Marketing Officer in your reputable firm. I am a Finance & Marketing graduate from the University of Sussex.

I can assure you that I am an excellent fit for this position, given my extensive background in marketing. I believe that the Marketing Officer is the driving force of a business support team, and I know that my skills and qualifications prove my ability to this position.

I have several years of experience as market analyst from leading companies like Swain Group of Industries, New York.

I am a techno-savvy and have excellent computer knowledge of modern word processing software, and project management tools. Outstanding professional interpersonal skills can prove me the right candidate that will be interfacing with company staff, clients, and partners on a daily basis. These are some qualities that will make me an asset to your company.

I have enclosed my resume for your perusal.

For the further requirement, kindly contact me on the details mentioned.

Yours Truly,

Andrew Bell

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