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Salary Increment Request Letter to HR

If you think that you deserve a salary increment then you can always write a salary increment request letter to the HR manager asking for a hike in your remuneration. This is a formal way of submitting your request in which you are expected to be giving reasons for making such a request. If your reasons are genuine and your letter is framed with perfection then for sure you can expect a positive reply from your manager.

Given below is the sample of a salary increment request letter addressing the HR manager of the company. Refer to the example to create a personalized professional letter with necessary points that are must to be included.

Sample Salary Increment Request Letter to HR

Adam Smith

22, Richmond Street,

New York 1234

Date: 29th Jan, 2016

Jacob Brown

Human Resource Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

52 Richmond Street

New York

Dear Mr. Brown,

I have completed almost two years working with the organization on the profile of Deputy Marketing Manager. For all this time, I have worked with complete dedication and commitment for ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Every project and task that was assigned to me, I have submitted it with perfection and within the sanctioned time frame. Last year as well I had submitted my request for increment in my salary and I was assured that my request will be taken in consideration the next year. That’s the reason I am submitting my request for salary increment again this year.

I want to bring to your notice that my present salary is too low to meet the expenses of my family. Recently, I have received a job opportunity from XYZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and they are offering a relatively higher salary. But because I am very loyal to our company, so I decided to submit my request again.

Please consider my request.


Adam Smith

Deputy Marketing Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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