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Insurance Sales Letter

If you are a new agent or insurance company then to make your business a success you must learn to write effective insurance letters. These professional letters are kind of lead generation techniques which are very helpful in getting new business.

If you are not sure of how to begin writing an insurance sales letter then there is a format to help you with the needful. Keep this letter as the base for creating a personalized draft to make your insurance business a hit.

Insurance Sales Letter Format

Adam Smith

ABC Insurance Company

123 Richmond Street

New York

Date: 14.03.15


Andrew Cullen

56 Park Avenue Apartments

Blue Street

New York

Dear Mr. Cullen

Life is really very uncertain. We really don’t know what might happen the next moment. Hence, it is always considered as a wise decision to get a life insurance policy. It is the best way to keep yourself prepared for the future which is so uncertain. Just by having a life insurance policy, you can leave the tensions of your future problems to it.

ABC Insurance Company promises to keep your future and also your family’s future secure by taking care of all the things in case some kind of disability or accident or death happens in your family. You will always find our company with you in crisis, taking caring of your loved one.

It feels so nice and confident when you don’t have to worry about all the issues concerning your future when you have retired and when it is the time to sit and relax with your family without having to worry about your financial issues. ABC Insurance Company provides you with amazing insurance policies that promise you the vest coverage for your money. Now you can leave all your tensions with us and just live your life tension free.

Now what are you waiting for?? Just pick up your phone and get in touch with me at 123-456-789 to know more about the lucrative insurance policies that come with a promise of secure future.


Adam Smith

Insurance Agent

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