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HR Letter for Salary Account Opening

As the HR manager of your company, you will have to manage different facets when a new employee is going to join your organization. One thing which you will have to take care is to make sure that the new employee has a bank account in which automatic salary transfer can take place. And in case the candidate doesn’t have a salary account then it is the duty of the company to make the necessary arrangements for the same.

Here is a formal HR letter for salary account opening designed by professionals. You can use it to send it to your concerned bank asking the manager to open the salary account of your employee. Use this format to create your personalized letter with all the details.

Sample HR Letter for Salary Account Opening


John Smith

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

11, Park Avenue,

New York

Date: 12th Feb, 2016


The Branch Manager,

New Bank,

52 Richmond Street,

New York

Dear Sir,

We request you to please open a Salary Saving account in your bank for the candidate the details of which have been mentioned below under the arrangements of our company with your bank.

Employee Name: Richard Gibbs

Employee Code: 1234

Designation: Marketing Executive

Permanent Address: 12, Prestige Apartments, Richmond Street, California

Correspondence Address: 121 A/B Sterling Towers, Herald Park, New York

We wish to confirm that the permanent and correspondence addresses are accurate as per our records.


John Smith

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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