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How to Write Mail To Get Approval For New Joining

When you hire a new employee, it is important that you seek that once all the basic formalities of recruitment are finished, you seek approval from the concerned department or person for the new joining. This is done usually by writing a formal mail to the concerned person. This mail contains complete details about the candidate, salary, tentative date of joining and various other details in this context. Don’t forget to mark it CC to the Head HR.

Given below is sample to get approval for new joining. Use this template format to create a personalized email.

Sample Mail For Getting Approval for New Joining

Date: 02.08.2018

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this mail to seek approval for a new joining in the Marketing Department. Given below are complete details about the candidate:

Name of the Candidate: John Brown

Profile: Senior Marketing Executive

Salary: $1200 per month

Tentative Date of Joining: 20.08.2018

Please find attached with this mail, CV and the job application form of the candidate along with complete breakup of the salary.

I request you to please go through all the documents and confirm the joining of the new candidate so that we can take the process further.

Looking forward for your response.


Tina Black
Deputy Manager (Marketing)
Aroma Oils Pvt. Ltd.

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