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Business Introduction Letter

A Business introduction letter is written for introducing an organization/product/services/any special offer of the company. This professional business letter has to be written with great care and concern. The purpose of this letter has to make positive atmosphere about a new product or company. It will give a brief description of the various advantages of the product/company.

This letter delivers a business message to the other person/company.  We have also brought up a sample business letter for your guidance.

Sample Business Introduction Letter


Mr. William Smith

Business Manager

Mega Event Organization

87 World Square

Washington 46578


Ms. Emily Kerr

Public Relation Manager

States Groups of Industries

56, Trading Tower

Washington 657889

Dated: May 24, 2014

Subject: Business Introduction Letter for Corporate Event Organization

Dear Ms Kerr,

I am writing this on behalf of Mega Event Organization to introduce our company who has been a leader in the world of organizing corporate events, for ten glorious years. We have our main office in Washington and more than 20 branches across the European countries. I would like to mention that our impressive list of clients includes top 500 companies of Europe and currently we have more than five hundred employees.

We are extremely interested in working with States Groups of Industries and strongly believe that there are opportunities to deliver you the best in corporate events such as business parties, product launch, and annual celebration and so on.

What distinguishes Mega Event Organization from other corporate event organizing companies is the time and effort we dedicate to understanding our business partners needs and our proven ability to work professionally and perfectly.

You can discuss our proposal with the pertinent department and if you want, we can fix an appointment and meet in person to discuss the business. Kindly contact me at your convenience to discuss this exciting opportunity in greater detail. I can be reached at 00-000-0000.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.


William Smith

Business Manager

Mega Event Organization

Given Below are a few business letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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