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Authorization Letter Format

Authorization letters are normally formal letters written to grant authority to the recipient for performing a certain task or transaction. It usually serves the purpose of giving permission slips, living wills, medical release forms and legal guardianship. Commonly such letters are written in a formal language.

Authorization letter would be addressed to whomsoever it may concern in relation to the public interest as a notice. Here you will get a format of authorization letter to tailor fit your own letter.

Authorization Letter Format


Your Name

Your Address

Contact Detail


Name of Addressee


Name of Organization


Date: Current Date

Subject: Authorization Letter

Salutation Dear Ms. /Mr. (name of addressee) / To whomsoever it may concern

I the undersigned, hereby authorize (name of authorized person) to proceed on my behalf in all protocols relating to (specify purpose), including signing of all documents relating to these matters. Any and all proceedings carried out by (name of authorized person) on my behalf, shall have the same effect as acts of my own.

Hence, I request you to deliver documents and other articles addressed to myself to (name of authorized person), residing at (address of authority person), until you receive further intimation from me in writing.

This authorization is valid until further written notice from (name of individual/company).


Yours faithfully

(Your name)

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  • Len A. Diaz September 7, 2015, 5:28 am

    my son needs a copy of his son’s birthcertificate and is requesting me to secure one from the city hall, as he cannot personally attend to this. how is this?

  • janette Rodriguez December 20, 2016, 6:41 pm

    I just recently moved into a house and the owner is wanting to leave the house to the person managing the house, what type of agreement letter is that called and what must it say to confirm her request on paper and get it notarize the document


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